"We are doing something bigger than ourselves, 

While learning to love ourselves,

and helping others do the same."

-The Freedom Catchers


About Me

I am The Wing Woman, but my name is Haylei. Nice to meet you!


I am a small town girl, that hated makeup tutorials but secretly wished I could do what they did. Now, I'm still a small town girl, but a makeup enthusiast, and absolutely love makeup tutorials, and teaching others. I run my own business, solely online and help other women learn to do the same. If you make the time for your future, I'll do all I can to run side by side with you to cheer you on!

I'm a blue status presenter with Younique, and have been with the company for 3 years. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, best friend and soul mate, Chad. He is the best of the best, and definitely a team player when it comes to this business! We've smashed eggs on each others heads, done masks together and I've even let him do my makeup a time or two...all for the sake of reaching goals, and having fun. Together we own a sweet doggo, Maggi Rhee (from The Walking Dead) and two adorably affectionate kitties, Bastion & Widow. 

I LOVE the company I have the pleasure of being with, and love my team even more. Together we are a fierce group of women, empowering other women, no matter the point of life they're in. Together we will push you out of your comfort zones, while watching you reach the potential you posses, and seeing you achieve your wildest dreams. By banding together, we are not just building a life of freedom for ourselves, but we are building a life for our children, and future children.


This is the door to freedom, 

and We are The Freedom Catchers. 

About My


  • Paid within 3 hours after a sale.

  • Work from anywhere you want.

  • ZERO fees. Snag the Beauty Box once, and that's it!

  • No mandatory inventory to keep!

  • Endless training, to build your best business.

  • Endless Encouragement, to build your best self.

Younique Facts:

  • Created to fund a non-profit for survivors of childhood sex abuse called, The Younique Foundation.

  • AAA+ Company (BBB Rating)

  • $400M/yr Revenue

  • Globally Operating in: U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, & Netherlands. 

The Younique Foundation

The Younique Foundation was created for the purpose of helping women who are survivors of child sexual abuse. We encourage survivors on their healing journey with The Haven Retreat, online healing resources, Finding Hope Support Groups, and creating a safe place for a community of survivors to support each other. Together we can reclaim hope.

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